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Gordon Drury

Thanks for all the messages. Joke of the day is on my facebook page. The daily quiz will be starting here as well and the weekly marathon quiz. As usual all contributions to this feature will be welcome.

I blog regularly on my other site which is www.crockfordsprophecy.com. There you will find examples of writings, articles and photographs produced by me. My sites are in a brand new format and are being developed day by day so please keep checking back. If you would like to let me have your name and email I will let you know when there has been an update and send you my quarterly newletter.

You can hear me broadcast regularly on KWIZ Radio, www.kwizradio.com, and on other stations in the UK, Spain and United States. Alphaquiz. www.alphaquiz.com is my new project and you can play for free providing you log in and connect through this page. Please let me know what you think of the game.

Those of you who were good enough to contact me about 'The Next Great Adventure' can read more about it and have an update at www.crockfordsprophecy.com. I am updating as and when I have time at the moment. Thanks everybody who contacted me about it and the future plans. I really appreciate it and will be contacting you soon.

I now have had published at least 50 publications and you can find and buy those through my publishers the Jupiter Press. www.jupiterpress.co.uk. I will complete another couple of projects prior to the end of the year. 2011 will see most of the older publications updated and re-published as we move into the second decade of the third millennium. A list is available on the site. In fact a list is available on this site, go to 'My Literature' in the right hand top corner, left click on it and then left click on 'Writings, articles and Published Material'

Unfortunately, at the moment, I am not taking bookings for after dinner/lunch speaking. Thanks for all the enquiries but I just do not have the time although if you already have it booked I will be there for you!

I write speeches for people, and can coach them in their presentation and I write odes for special people on special occasions that range from very nice to the downright bawdy! I'll place some samples of the odes up here very soon. If you want to talk about the possibility of having one composed left click the contact me button.

Last year I published, edited and collated the UNICEF Quiz by providing Quiz booklets for sale. 100% of the sale proceeds went to UNICEF.

If you are visiting this website looking for the answers to the UNICEF quiz, they have been removed from the website but are available in an archive upon request. Please e-mail me.



Recent News

What's new today! I'll tell you.. in fact so much at the moment that I am busy doing the news rather than writing about it. Check back here regularly and I'll do my very best for you.


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