Watch out for:

The interactive online quiz game that is nearly ready for launch, expected online from about the beginning of September. Play for free, I think it's addictive!

More radio broadcasts, late night stuff concerning the psychic, paranormal and clairvoyance, daytime the broadcasts will be based on a quiz format, interspersed by good quality music, well I think so, no news, no weather, no adverts, just entertainment. Test transmissions begin mid September.

'Another Adventure', which you can read about on Crockford's Prophecy and follow the on-going story which I hope you will find interesting.

The Jupiter Press is about to re-launch some of my various publications from over the last seven or eight years as well as a substantial amount of new material. At this moment I'm afraid it is a case of 'watch this space'.

National pub quizzes are being negotiated at the moment ready for 2011, big prizes with possibly the finalists playing in Southern Spain courtesy of a national newspaper. The expat communities in Florida are discussing an annual Quiz Competition

Recent News

What's new today! I'll tell you.. in fact so much at the moment that I am busy doing the news rather than writing about it. Check back here regularly and I'll do my very best for you.


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